Global Conferences: Cash Option

Not sure you can travel on a Global Conference this year? No problem. We'll send you cash instead!

Because Travel & Company realizes you may not have the time for extra travel this year, we're pleased to offer you a cash option instead of a free Global Conference. Please complete and submit the form below.

Your earnings are determined by the number of passengers you have registered, when you registered, and the length of your trip. You may also wish to review the Terms & Conditions available at our download center.

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Submitting this cash option form acknowledges your acceptance of the following: I will take the cash option rather than a Global Conference. My cash alternative will be sent to me in February 2017. My eligibility is based on registering the required number of paying participants on a Travel & Company program. These participants must meet all payment deadlines as published in the Travel & Company Terms and Conditions for the current year, and must still be enrolled for the trip in February 2017.